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Introducing our Zodiac Wax Melt Scoopies 150g, the perfect addition to your home fragrance collection. The attractive design of our product is inspired by the zodiac signs, adding a touch of mystique.

Our Zodiac Wax Melt Scoopies are made with high-quality ingredients, these wax melts are long-lasting and will fill any room with delightful fragrances. Simply scoop out the desired amount of wax using the provided scoop and let it melt in your favorite burner for an aromatic experience like no other.

Crafted using only natural ingredients and premium fragrance oils. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these wax melt scoopies are available in various zodiac signs. Choose one that aligns with your personality traits or gift it to a loved one as a thoughtful present.

Our scoops make it easy to measure out just the right amount of wax melt for your needs.

Each set includes a unique blend of alluring fragrances that match your star sign, making it a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones with our exquisite Zodiac Wax Melt Scoopies - it's astrology meets aromatherapy!

Sagittarius Wax Melt Scoopies


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