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  • Introducing scoopies this product includes a perfectly sized scoop and 150g of luxurious wax melts to elevate your home's ambiance,perfect for a long-lasting fragrance experience.

    Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or create an inviting atmosphere for guests, Scoopies provides an easy solution. The scoop included helps accurately measure the perfect amount of wax melt every time while keeping your hands clean.

    Simply scoop out the desired amount of wax and place it in your favorite burner. Within minutes, your space will be filled with a delightful aroma that will last for hours.

    Our Scoopies range is available in an array of scents, each carefully selected for its unique and inviting fragrance. From fresh florals to warm spices - there's something for everyone!

    So why wait? Make your home feel even more welcoming with our delightful Scoopies wax melts today!



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